Vision and expertise

Housing solutions for Geneva as an international centre

Our strategy

Serving Geneva as an international centre by playing a recognised role in housing management and property development is a priority for our Foundation. It is also our ambition to initiate new construction projects and join forces with partners who share our objectives, as and when the opportunity arises. By constantly renewing our property portfolio and keeping abreast of current demands for comfort and mobility, we therefore seek to increase the number of housing units available to employees of Geneva’s international organisations, our potential tenants.

Our organisation

To make our vision a reality, we can count on the diversity of experience, complementary expertise and extensive networks of the six committed members of our Board of Directors. Our long-term strategy and activities are also supported by the presence on our Board of a representative of the State of Geneva, which strengthens the connection between our work on the ground and the objectives of the city authorities in developing Geneva as an international centre.


Our expertise


To maximise housing solutions for the employees of international organisations and agencies, the Terra et Casa Foundation seeks wherever possible to acquire plots of land or existing buildings, acting alone or in partnership. In doing so, we rely on the skills, contacts and in-depth market knowledge of our Board members. We also have the flexibility to take rapid and effective action in projects, particularly when it comes to providing relevant practical advice or expertise to those concerned with developing Geneva as an international centre.


As contracting authority, the Terra et Casa Foundation can draw on the skills and competencies of its many partners (architects, building firms, etc.) in successfully carrying out both small-scale projects and more ambitious property developments. Our know-how and flexible organisation enable us to manage projects effectively and with attention to detail, checking that each stage is completed satisfactorily, from launching the architectural competition to actual delivery of the housing units. This means we can ensure that our development projects are in keeping with our vision and comply with the highest standards in terms of quality, sustainability and cost.


To provide our tenants with an efficient interface, the Terra et Casa Foundation has entrusted the Plafida company with the day-to-day management of its property portfolio, a task which Plafida has been performing since the late 1960s. As a long-standing partner, Plafida is scrupulous in managing our properties in line with the Foundation’s objectives. Plafida also facilitates the arrival and residence of tenants employed by Geneva’s international organisations by offering them a wide range of support services, particularly in coping with administrative matters.