Board of Directors

A flexible structure with a wide range of skills and abilities

Philippe Favarger


Expert and real estate consultant

Philippe Favarger has extensive experience in real estate, in housing projets and property development. He previously taught and conducted research at the University of Genève and more recently at the Swiss Federal Polytechnic in Lausanne. He has also managed the real estate portfolio of Geneva canton. Since 2012, he works independently, specializing in real estate valuations, advising clients and project  management.


Michael Meier


Representative of the State of Geneva
Deputy Secretary General, Office of the Cantonal President

With many years of experience in coordinating projects for the Swiss federal government and the UN, Michael Meier now works at the cantonal level, with responsibility for planning and property development in the international district.

Arev Salamolard


Lawyer, holder of a master's degree in real estate and a diploma in financial advisory

With more than 20 years of multidisciplinary and entrepreneurial experience, Arev Salamolard has a global vision of real estate. She is committed to achieving the Foundation's objectives: the creation of quality housing that should contribute to good living. In addition to her legal and real estate skills, her knoledge of  Geneva's socio-economic network complements the current board to pursue its mission.

Anne Grossmann


Founding partner
Créateurs Immobiliers SA 

Partner in a property development firm in Geneva, Anne Grossman has extensive experience in the areas of project development, construction and property management in the public and private sector.

Laura Mechkat


Associate architect
Liengme Mechkat Architectes sàrl

Laura Mechkat is a partner in a Geneva-based architectural practice. She has extensive experience in the design and construction of residential buildings, particularly for cooperative associations.

Laura is passionate about eco-living and sustainable architecture whose purpose is to serve the needs of residents.

Jean-Claude Portier


Associate architect
De Giuli & Portier Architectes SA  

An experienced architect and town-planner, Jean-Claude Portier has a global approach to property development, combined with technical and legal expertise, and an excellent knowledge of local conditions in Geneva, particularly in the construction industry.

Timo Sulc


Associate lawyer
Étude DuprazSulc 

A lawyer at the Geneva bar, specialising in the transactional and judicial aspects of property law, Timo Sulc has a clear vision, as well as legal and strategic expertise in the management of property development projects.

Silvia Solari

General Secretary

Fondation Terra et Casa

With the responsibility for the operational management and representation of the foundation, Silvia Solari- Hunziker brings broad experience in real estate development and management. A graduate of the EHL Hospitality University with a Master's degree in Real Estate Management, she has a solid network in international Geneva. Francophone, she is also fluent in German, English and Italian.