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The five posters were developed by urbz* to present the new Cité Internationale du Grand Morillon at this year's Automnales that was unfortunately cancelled.

The approach was to project the potential of the project to change the dynamic and perception of this neighborhood considered predominantly as work spaces for international organisations and an urbanity that is dispersed without any real centers.

A diverse style has been chosen by five different graphists for each poster to illustrate the value of diversity, a value rooted in the history and spirit of internationalism in Geneva and Switzerland.

These posters are supposed to be an entry point for people's imagination to project their understanding of the potential of the site and how an identity will emerge through its users.

The potential of the Cité Internationale du Grand Morillon also lies in becoming a new centrality that bridges the local and international dynamic in Geneva. In each poster, the use of the shared public space brings the buildings to life through a local activity linked to an International Day.

Finally, the posters also give an understanding of the phasing of the project as each angle chosen shows a part of the project that will be completed and start to live incrementally from early 2021.

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*urbz is a multidisciplinary design collective that specialises in the co-creation of habitats

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