The project

The Terra et Casa Foundation is constructing a residential building consisting of 93 housing units, with three separate entrances, on a plot of land it owns in the Petit-Saconnex neighbourhood, between the Avenue Trembley and the Chemin des Crêts.  When work is completed, the Foundation will be offering 37 apartments for sale in condominium ownership, 25 apartments under a state-controlled rental arrangement and 31 affordable-rent apartments. The project has financial backing from the Banque Cantonale de Genève, which has committed itself to this operation alongside our Foundation.

The major advantage

One of the great advantages of this development is its excellent location in a part of the city close to where most of the international organisations are concentrated.

Stages of the project

In 2008, our Foundation acquired two plots of land totalling 5,417 m2 and, in the following year, organised an architectural competition to select the project best suited to the development envisaged for this site.  However, it was only at the end of 2012 that the site was reclassified as a class-3 development area, and only in October 2017 that a building permit was granted. According to the schedule, all new residents have been able to move into their apartments before the end of 2020.

News about the project

Playground Trembley-Parc

Exhibition that initiates the participative process of the creation of the playground

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Trembley-Parc is completed

The Foundation Terra et Casa has officially received the completed building from Steiner SA. The first tenants and co-owners will begin to move in their new apartments as of September 22, 2020.

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Trembley-Parc: the apartments have been allocated

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